For many years we have been working for children.All children mean more than their names. Each of them have their own history but common mission.Ebru Uygun while she was 21 years old, decided to build TOÇEV with her 5 friends with aim of “ reading should be the right of for all children”.


Each place,city is visited in Turkey.Millions of childrens’life is changed. Many boks are read, many conferances given, taken place in television&radio programmes. All these were not satisfied for Uygun then she decided to reach “ebruly”.


Uygun started to be interested with ebru as a hobby at first. Then it was time for her own gallery: At 2012 “Dokundum”, 2013 “EBRUca”, “EBRUca Bodrum”, “EBRUca Bahreyn”,at 2015 “EBRUca NEFES” and “EBRuca NEFES BODRUM”… As the arts had been displayed, the attention of people to ebru art, started to be increased.


Ebru Uygun has taken in important place in ebru art with her modern implemantation. She was succeeded in appliying ebru art not only on paper but also on fabric, wood and ceramic.


At 2013, Uygun decided to apply ebru with Zehra Işık’s designs’ to publics. They quickly prepare project. The prject’s name was “EBRUca” and popular names who were well know by public wear clothes with ebru arts and all these clothes were sold at ADL shops on behalf of TOÇEV.


After this project all requests were started. Especialy with demand of european countries, Uygun was very happy and decided to go on more professional way. At the end “Ebruly İstanbul” was born. Ebru Uygun, with art of “Ebruly İstanbul” started to produce alternative works.


For 2 years she has been producing textyle and home decoration products. In addition to this she has been giving her arts,designs to different companies.


She has full of with feelings with TOÇEV. Ebru is dance of colours in water.With a social project for TOÇEV, her designs were transfered to publics and a new door was opened with this Project, “Ebruly İstanbul” was burned. Uygun exhibits you her art with different designs and materials.